What can be worse than not trying?

The worst thing someone can do is failing to leave behind any inspiration for the next generation.

The Ancient Library of Alexandria, Library of Congress, the Bible are all forms of inspirations which later becomes monetary exchange.

Scholars: Henry Louis Gates, W.E.B. DuBois, Plato, John Dewey, Socrates, Imhotep etc.

Career frustration happens when an individual fails at making a connection between their purpose, passion and future goals. The disconnect then creates an illusion where the organization becomes the reason behind the frustration. All along the individual accepted the position based on prestige, money and many other factors.

Career frustration is solely based on the individual failing to apply foresight.


How can managers and human resource professionals call themselves leaders and effective listeners when job applicants are trained to wear a mouth guard. The muffling effect they love; the applicant’s reality they reject. Yet, the job applicant is on the verge of being homeless.